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The Entrusted Pets Difference

We strive to offer the highest level of service, while educating families what their options are. We are family owned and operated and have been a part of community service families in a time of loss for over half a century. We understand that the loss of a pet can leave you feeling unsure of what the next steps are. But we are here for you, and will help guide you every step of the way.

Our Testimonials

Entrusted Pets made a very difficult situation very easy to navigate. My 9 year old rabbit passed away at home and when I called them the next day they let me know they could take him the same day. He was back to me within just a few days, custom urn and all. Everyone was extremely kind and professional and I would recommend them to anyone. As someone who works in the veterinary field, their prices are very reasonable
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
20:33 01 Dec 23
Called to ask about cremating my dog & he asked if I wanted to keep the ashes?? Didn’t really seem to care about what I was saying should be more sympathetic for someone who’s just lost there loved best friend.
Chris J
Chris J
20:08 27 Nov 23
My sweet girl Lucky passed and I had to find a place to handle the next step. As I wanted to know my options, I called a few places before Entrusted Pets, but it wasn’t until I spoke to a staff member at EP that I felt at ease and truly understood. He was so kind and answered all my questions, was very transparent and clear about everything.When I arrived they knew they were expecting Lucky since I had called ahead and immediately offered a private room for us to have our last goodbye before handing her over.. they gave me the time I needed and were not pushy at all. Very understanding and sympathetic.Once I was ready, they took her to create the paw imprints and collect fur clippings, they came back to me to confirm I was okay with them and I must say it was all so beautiful.. it made me smile in my time of pain. I could see the care and effort they put into their work. - it’s in the details. 🥹🤍🫶I chose a witness cremation which is what I felt most comfortable with, because I could be present and take her remains home the same day. I watched her go in and I watched her come out.Lucky and I literally grew up together. We had been best friends since she was born in our home from another kitty we had, I was 9, that was 17 years ago, almost 18!! ❤️‍🩹 she was my companion through so much, we traveled together, she’d go on car rides with me.. we were just two peas in a pod, she was my wilderness explorer buddy.I promised Lucky we went in together and left together it only made sense. Personally I was so bonded to her that I couldn’t imagine leaving her and waiting to go pick her remains up. When I got quotes from other places for this type of cremation I began to feel I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise because financially it was so much and on top of vet bills.. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage. Thank you so so much Entrusted Pets for making it possible for us to have that type of cremation at a reasonable price and with such high quality service.Thank you to both gentlemen who took care of my sweet girls last step.🐱🌸🤍 I appreciate the patience and kindness you both had with me in my grief, but most importantly the compassion and care you offered my most beloved Lucky.Definitely a bittersweet experience, through all the pain and grief, I couldn’t imagine a better outcome and service.Rest in Peace my sweet Lucky girl.🤍🐾
Diana Robles
Diana Robles
04:43 09 Nov 23
We lost our dog in the middle of the night, I called over 20 places and left messages. This place called me back 2 hours before they were even open. The owner was nice and so accommodating with the loss of our dog. I highly recommend this place to anyone!
Carianne Paliotto
Carianne Paliotto
22:18 25 Oct 23
This is my 2nd experience with entrusted pets. The facility is clean and the staff is kind. If you are looking for this service this is the place!! Thank you Entrusted Pets! Sincerely appreciate your service.
Bradley Balser
Bradley Balser
23:59 07 Jun 23
when i lost my beloved boy, Entrusted Pets was so kid to me. Their fee was also lower than most providers, even the Az Humane Society was quite a bit more. i brought my pet to their facility and picked up his ashes 2days later. i would reccommend Entrusted Pets to family or friends without hesitation, they really helped me through a tough time, if i could give a hundred stars i would do so.
My Layla girl passed away January early in the morning we were able to get an appointment to bring her in later on that day. It was a very hard day for me but I highly recommend this place for anyone needing this service. It was much more affordable than a place I had went a few years back for my other fur baby Jake. Very nice people and the pas prints are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. brought me to tears seeing my Layla girls name on it 🤍 HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. All the love and hugs to people reading this looking for a cremation place.
mikayla hicks
mikayla hicks
22:44 07 Jan 23
I went through entrusted pets to have my malinois cremated, and will forever choose to entrust them for any others I do as well. Not only did they have much better pricing than the competitive businesses, but the customer service alone was outstanding! They were all amazing, from the moment I pulled into the parking lot someone was there greeting me at my vehicle, and offered to grab her from my vehicle for me. The attendant helping me inside was also wonderful and very informative, as well as patient with myself and my kids who couldn't help themselves but touch everything. Because I was having so much going on with work and life, I couldn't find time to get down there to pick her up, so they even offered to have her brought to me wherever I wanted. Definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to cremate their beloved pets!
Linda Lee
Linda Lee
22:49 19 Dec 22
We were absolutely devastated when our fur baby took her last breath.and the thought of what we had to do next was overwhelming and heart wrenching. I called our veterinarian and several others as well as multiple pet crematoriums feeling so hollow and devoid of any care from them over our loss. We were just another customer they needed to get in and get out. I absolutely could not get over their abrupt, matter of fact responses to our loss. I came across Entrusted Pets, 45 minutes away, but when Nancy answered the phone she was sympathetic and considerate of our devastating loss. We scheduled our fur baby that day and they had her ready the next day to come home. Jimmy was absolutely the most considerate and understanding professional that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Knowing he and Nancy took care of our fur baby brought me overwhelming comfort in a terrible situation. I cannot begin to impress enough upon anyone who has to go through this to contact Entrusted Pets for your goodbyes to your fur baby. They are professional, sympathetic, understanding and their overall kindness is above and beyond. Thank you Nancy and Jimmy for caring for our fur babies final goodbye.
Shelly Harris-Myers
Shelly Harris-Myers
15:16 14 Aug 22

Cremation Options at a Glance

These services are available to families selecting a Private Cremation, who are located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This is due to the time sensitivity of our Specialized Services.


This type of cremation allows only one pet to be cremated during the cremation process.

Semi Private / Individual Cremation

This type of cremation allows up to four pets to be cremated in their own partitioned areas.


This type of cremation is chosen by those not wanting their pet’s ashes returned. During the cremation process, multiple pets are cremated at once.

Specialized Cremation Services

Our specialized services are available to those selecting a Private Cremation and located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Priority Cremation

Your pet’s ashes to be ready within 24 hours once they have entered our care.

Witness Cremation

A Witness cremation, is a Private Cremation that allows families to be present

In Home Euthanasia

As our companions become seniors sometimes their quality of life can begin to decline. Euthanasia is a deeply personal decision, and one that every pet parent hopes they never have to make. Although, if those services are needed, we work with a number of Mobile Vets that can help facilitate saying goodbye.